Finally, it's time for Stage 3! Today we will find out who our new moderator will be! I am so excited!
Task 1: In your teams write a song. Performances are in 10 minutes.
Winner: Inferno

Task 2: With your team, make a screenshot of a famous movie scene and post it on /c. Best screenshot wins!
Winner: Felicity

Task 3: Create a photo inspired by your journey through the Autumn 2018 GOM and post on /c. You have 10 minutes.
Winner: Inferno

This task was the final team task! Here are the results for the teams!
Stage 3 Winner: Inferno
Game of Mods Overall Team Winner: Felicity
General Classification
Felicity - 6
Sushi - 5
Inferno - 4
Now, the finalists are chosen! These people stood out the most this season! These next two tasks are for them!
- Fox
- Hamoza1111
- Flame
- Tasha
- HamilHelp
- OrlockXLXV
- Paradise
Task 4: Finalist Interview
This is where the moderators interview each finalist!
Task 5: Run the Pizza Parlor
The final and most intense task yet! This is where the finalists run the pizza parlor, and it gets pretty crazy!

Pizzas cooked, dough eaten. Now it's time for Damen to announce the team winner and our brand new moderator!

Game of Mods Autumn 2018 Winner: Fox

Thank you for reading my reports on this season's Game of Mods! I enjoyed making these and congratulations once again to Fox on becoming a moderator! She will do well!
See you next season!

Friday 28th - Sunday 30th September

Stages 1-3 at 5 PM EST / 2 PM PST / 10 PM UK